For many, climate change is posing an imminent threat to families, and their homes. We have heard a lot of talk from the government, politicians, and businesses but little meaningful action. 

We want an Aotearoa that is truly clean and green. A country that has drastically reduced emissions, uses energy and resources that are renewable, and nurtures and protects the natural environment..

We want a country that is protected from the effects of climate change that we’re already  experiencing while working to prevent worse happening in the future. And we want to ensure that communities that are at risk from climate change get the resources and support they need to adapt, and for workers in high-emission industries to have a clear and just pathway to transition to cleaner jobs.

We can solve this by working together and by voting for a government that will:

  • Invest in the infrastructure we’ll need in a changing climate
  • Accelerate the shift to a carbon neutral public service
  • End new oil, gas and coal exploration and extraction on land and at sea
  • Support communities to enable an equitable managed retreat from areas vulnerable to the effects of climate change
  • Ensure that all workers have access to training, lifelong learning, and support during work transitions.