Community and Public Services

We want the people of New Zealand Aotearoa to have excellent, universal public and community services enabling, everyone to have the resources they need. 

 Public Services are essential for strong communities and a strong economy. 

Yet public services are stretched by not having enough resourcing, not being universal, not having the capacity to ensure that they are equitable. As well, parties on the right are threatening to severely cut public services.

When you vote this election, look for a party that will: 

  • Commit to not capping or cutting the numbers of public services
  • Resource the public service sufficiently 
  • Ensure that health reforms deliver a health system where the workers’ voice and knowledge are listened to 
  • Reform the research and science and innovation system to provide more stable funding to public research. 

How can I help?  

Do you work delivering public services? Tell us you story by emailing [email protected]. We will work with you to safely share  it to help illustrate the value of our members’ mahi.