Public services play a key role in Aotearoa's future. These services are funded by taxation. Currently our tax system does not collect enough money to adequality fund public services, and vast amounts of wealth are left untaxed.

Tax is a way for us to pay for services collectively as a country so, the costs of services do not fall unfairly on people who are already struggling to pay their bills. We need to see a better funded tax system that generates revenue from those who can afford it while easing pressure on those who are less able to pay.

How can we fix the issues of tax?  

  • Introduce a wealth tax
  • Introduce a capital gains tax
  • Tax income from profits at the same level as wages
  • Adjust tax thresholds for inflation.

How do I make change? 

Talk to your friends and family about what tax actually pays for, why it is important that we have good tax systems. Vote for parties with progressive tax policies.